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Organization name: ES Pack Ltd.
Year of establishment: 2006
Legal and organizational form: Ltd.
Manager: eng. Eugenia Stamenova
Addres: BULGARIA, 7000 Rousse, Otec Paisyi 1A sq
Tel: +35982828463

The Company is certified with the International quality management standart ISO 9001:2008

ES Pack Ltd. was established in 2006 with main activity domestic and foreign trade with specialized products for construction.
Over the years we have gained considerable experience and developed many parallel directions in our business, giving us confidence in our ability to be loyal and honest partner for our many customers.
Our team consists of highly qualified professionals who are trained and oriented to look and satisfy customer requirements on time and ensuring the highest quality products and services.
ES Pack Ltd. was established in 2006 with main activity domestic and foreign trade with specialized products for construction.
Over the years we have gained considerable experience and developed many parallel directions in our business, giving us confidence in our ability to be loyal and honest partner for our many customers.
Our team consists of highly qualified professionals who are trained and oriented to look and satisfy customer requirements on time and ensuring the highest quality products and services.

Main activities

1. Design, supply and installation of aluminum railings - ES Pack Ltd is one of the first Bulgarian companies that offer aluminum railing systems, fences, pergolas, etc. Over the years we have executed numerous projects - both residential and administrative, public buildings, shopping and entertainment centers and others.
With the booming construction industry in recent years, we directed our efforts mainly to cover the needs for specialized and high technology products.
2. Supply of cable trays and full engineering in cable management.
We are one of the first who in 2006 began presenting on the Bulgarian market the wire mesh cable trays of the French company Cablofil. At the moment we can be proud that through our efforts these relatively unknown until then on the Bulgarian market products are now established as the best solution in the field of cable management and are increasingly widely used in construction.
3. Since 2007 ES Pack Ltd is a distributor of Legrand - France - a leading company in the manufacture of products and systems for electrical and information networks. Legrand is a leading European company offering products with guaranteed quality and origin, a global leader in the production of switches and sockets and cable management systems, electrical equipment and others. Legrand brand is synonymous with style, reliability and uncompromising quality, which will increasingly be a priority for the Bulgarian consumer. The company also offers manufacturing of ready-equipped with apparatus of Legrand electrical panels based on the project of the applicant.
4. Supply of electrical materials, cable accessories and electrical tools produced by leading European manufacturers.
5. Supply of full range and fasteners.
Our efforts now are aimed at constantly improving the quality of our services. Complete satisfaction of our customers, European style and behavior in the process ensuring reliability and integrity in our trade relations.

We are ready to stand with you in your future projects and to ensure your smooth business in the directions in which we have competence.
We are pleased to introduce the activities of our company in the direction of building aluminum railing systems.
ES Pack Ltd is one of the first Bulgarian companies, specialized in the design, supply and installation of aluminum railing systems.
The modern market offers multiple solutions associated with securing the terraces, balconies, stairwells, atria and other with reliable railing systems. There are versions made of metal, wood, stainless steel and many others.

What makes aluminum a preferred material emerged as the most recent and reliable in the handrails?
1. Longevity - only aluminum subjected to external electric oxidation, is practically not influenced by external conditions - weather, is inert to many chemicals and nearly needs no maintenance for years.
2. Aluminum does not corrode, unlike ordinary metal railings, wrought iron railings and standard grade stainless steel used for production of rails.
3. Aluminum does not require annual maintenance - painting or dyeing as wooden railings.
4. Aluminum is extremely lightweight and easy to install.
5. Aluminum railing systems have extremely modern and original vision
6. Aluminum railings allow a very high flexibility in mounting, ability to improvise on the spot, easily forming complex shapes and configurations such as spiral staircases, complex bends and more.
7. Aluminum railings can be easily removed, which allows practically to be moved from site to site if necessary.
8. Aluminium makes it possible to get interesting color through oxidation power with the addition of different pigments to produce a range of colors in silver and gold with different saturation and effects of the mat to the mirror.
9. Aluminium allows a powder coated surface to achieve different visions - different colors with different effects, wood and others.
10. Well-constructed system meets all requirements for strength and resistance to mechanical damage.
11. This is done in some very attractive rates, enough lower than the stainless railings and ornate wooden railings.

What do we offer:
1. Complete consulting service which includes inspection of the site and building a vision for design and ergonomics, tailored to the specific customer requirements.
2. Supply and installation of railings
3. Complete customer satisfaction in terms of design, ergonomics, quality and aesthetic appearance

Stylish solutions of aluminum

What options do we offer:
1. Standard aluminum railing systems made of tubular profiles and different binders, reinforcing and decorative accessories. Suitable mainly for residential buildings and houses with modern architectural design, administrative and service buildings, commercial and recreational centers and others.
2. Aluminum railings with a vision of wrought iron - a hit in recent
two years. Suitable for sites in the retro style that combines elements of nature like stone, wood and others. This type of railing is increasingly preferred in modern interior and exterior aesthetic practices because of their appearance, which carries a certain cosines and character.
3. Glass railings Crystal Line - a set of supporting and strengthening aluminum profiles and accessories, ideal for constructing railings of glass, ensuring a perfect aesthetic appearance and views without restriction.

What is standard procedure when working with us:
1. The first step is inspection of the site by our specialist if it is already built. If the object is at project level, we need to have technical and design documentation, and requirements of the chief designer of the building.
2. Based on information received, we offer several parallel structures with a different look and functionality.
3. Client focuses on one or more alternative solutions.
4. We prepare a price offer, which includes everything from conceptual design to complete installation in the versions selected by the customer. The offer includes a total amount, delivery and installation, method of payment.
5. The client selects the final version, based on his own aesthetic references, price and date for construction.
6. We sign a contract describing all already agreed terms.
7. At the agreed time you already have a system that fully meets your expectations.

What do we guarantee?

1. Professionalism at all stages of our cooperation.
2. Expertise in the design, construction and supervision.
3. Excellent trained technical staff.
4. Speed of work.
5. Constant communication with customers and flexibility in the process.
6. Excellent quality of materials used
7. High reliability in mounting.
8. Final product that will satisfy the highest criteria for aesthetics reliability and quality.
What are our references:
Our railing systems are designed and constructed in various residential, public, commercial and recreational, administrative and other buildings in Bulgaria.

Wire mesh cable trays - best solution on the cable management

Cable management is a concept which incorporates a number of actions and measures aimed at implementing the right approach in structuring electrical installations to achieve the optimal parameters in working regime.

In practice it often happens the assessment of this activity to be limited to the proper calculation of the load and the appropriate selection of cables and wires and the determination of routes, which will be made.
Very often, even at project level, the way to install cable lines and products that are used for this purpose is being underestimated.

We want to focus your attention into that direction and to convince you that the selection and design of cable routing systems is almost as important to the effectiveness of the systems as the selection of cables and wires.

In the history of Cable routing systems are entered the first and archaic methods such as the strengthening with antigron brackets or use of improvised structures.
Then follows the stage of introduction of so-called perforated cable trays and cable ladders. These methods give a new chance cable routes to be structured properly for their reliable operation, traceability of lines and smooth service.
The newest and innovative method for cable management are wire mesh cable trays, invented by the French company Cablofil.

Currently, many companies have borrowed the idea from Cablofil and produce and offer this type of trays.

Cablofil however, remains the leader in this industry, and holds first place in sales and offers the most advanced solutions.

In our desire to offer the best to our customers we have chosen the wire cable trays as indispensable and universal solutions for all types of installations.
ES Pak Ltd. is engaged in the delivery of cable trays since 2006, as a result, we have gained extensive experience both in purely commercial terms and in relation to the numerous consultations which are carried out to optimize cable management.

Over the years we have walked the uneasily way to convince the Bulgarian consumer in the face of investor or power equipment company in the benefits of wire mesh cable trays and we are satisfied of the good visibility which the items received.
We made a series of meetings, presentations and trainings that lead to the popularization of the product and better information about its advantages.

Wire mesh cable trays are already being pledged to the project level in many construction sites in Bulgaria, which is an indisputable success.

Wire mesh cable trays

Which advantages of the wire mesh cable trays should be considered?

1. Wire mesh cable trays are irreplaceable in terms of energy efficiency thanks to the open structure and minimal losses due to the reduced to minimum heating of the cables. The electrical properties of the cables depend on their ohmic resistance. Quality cables have a low one. Any increase in temperature leads to increased resistance, respectively, loss of energy transmission. When the conductive wires are in a current run their temperature is raised to about 70-80 °. This process is known as the Joule effect and is not a particular problem in open areas due to natural ventilation.But placed in closed spaces, cables cannot be cooled, they are heating, their resistance is increasing and they conduct less electricity. There are two possible solutions to this major problem. First solution - increase the intersection of wires. It has been proved that the use of non-ventilated or poorly ventilated trays makes it necessary to use wires with section 1.5 to 2 times larger than necessary. The second and the right solution - using cable routing systems with open structure - wire mesh cable trays. They actually represent the closest solution to a cable, placed in free air space, with only 10% structural space. Through the use of wire trays, cable section is optimized, respectively, reduced investment costs, reduced thermal effects and heat - thus reduced energy consumption.
2. Wire cable trays can be used for all possible applications, including power supply lines. Manufacturers of perforated trays often protect their products from the apparent competition of the wire cable trays, and limit their use only to applications related to low voltage equipment and cables with relatively small sections. This statement is incorrect and only serves their interests to keep a higher market segment. The truth is that modern wire trays are manufactured in a sufficiently wide range of sizes with different load capacities and fully cover all possible applications. Moreover, a power supply line built with them is ventilated much better, allowing easy access for inspection and maintenance.
3. Due to the thickness of wires used, this type of tray reach very high levels of load, significantly higher than those of perforated trays. This necessarily leads to a guarantee for minimum distortion, but also to a use of a smaller amount of reinforcement systems, and ultimately to save money.
4. They require minimal dust retention, which further increases the effectiveness of cable lines.
5. They are indispensable for the food industry where there are very stringent requirements in terms of cleanliness, prevention of mold and microbes, which in the open structure itself is minimal, and also allow much easier cleaning.
6. They do not require additional and often expensive fittings such as elbows, tees, reducers, which in the case are being made at the site according to the required configuration of plain trays;
7. All connections between the trays and mounting brackets are attached to the trays without bolts, which ensures maximum resistance to vibration and faster installation.
8. Providing a very high degree of electrical continuity of the system by providing 50-80 times lower values of resistance in the relationship between the trays of the requirement in standard IEC 61537.
9. They are preferred by installers because of the easier installation;

What are our references:

1. Montupet AD - Rousse - 2007/2008, with our assistance and with the use of wire cable trays, were builded the cable routing systems in the new French factory in the Industrual Park of Rousse. We had active participation both in terms of choosing the optimal structure, also in conjunction with the proper strengthening of the trays. With wire trays are filled the 20 kV power lines, the distribution network and lighting installations on the premises.
2. Maritsa East 2 - 2009. Kilometers of wire mesh cable trays were used for the rehabilitation of the blocks in the TPP Maritsa East 2. Consulting assistance was provided during the installation.
3. Mall Rousse - 2009 - With hot dip galvanized wire mesh trays were filled the dungeons of the newly built commercial and entertainment center Mall Rousse.
4. Royal City Centre - Rouse - 2008 - Complete construction of the cable management in the first shopping and entertainment center in Ruse.
5. MBM Metalwork Ltd., part of Meroni Group-Italy. In 2010 ES Pak Ltd. supplied wire cable trays for the new production base of the company in the Industrial Park of Rousse.
6. Svilocell PLC - Svishtov - 2006/2007/2008 years. In 2006 with wire mesh cable trays were fully completed the electrical installation in the newly built facility for processing cellulose. Substantial technical assistance was provided from the project level to complete the installation. Subsequently, additional installations were constructed with wire trays in other departments of the factory.
7. Sviloza Yarn PLC - Svishtov - 2007/2009 year. With wire cable trays was built the electrical installation in the new textile mill in the factory.
8. Sparky AD - Rousse - year 2006/2007. An existing hall was converted into a welding shop and the electrical installation was built with wire trays at constant technical assistance from our side.
9. Rousse University - 2009. The new building of the University of Rousse was filled entirely with wire mesh trays.
10. Zaharni Izdelia JSC - Varna -2009/2010 year. The ålectrical installation of new production base of the factory in Balchik is built and continues to be supplemented with wire trays.
11. Orgachim - Ruse - 2009/2010/2011. Wire mesh cable trays were used for the installation of new equipment in the workshops for water dispersion paints and styrofoam in Orgachim.
12. Astrabioplant Ruse - year 2006/2007. Much of the electrical installation in the newly built factory near Rousse is built with wire trays.
13. Amylum Bulgaria JSC - Razgrad - 2008/2009. The enterprise is continuously increasing its capacity as a result of building new production facilities. ES Pack agian is an important partner of each stage where cable trays are used.
14. Dunarit AD 2007-2010 year. The Factory uses wire trays in the construction of any new installation.

Numerous other smaller or unpopular projets…

In 2007 ES Pak Ltd received the rights to be distributor of Legrand-France for the territory of Bulgaria.
It was a very high evaluation for us as a company with sufficient competence and potential to be a professional and responsible distributor of the products of the world known French company producing a wide range of products and systems for electrical and information networks.
Legrand Group is a leader in the field of electrical components with 19% market share, and in the field of cable management with 15%. Legrand offers comprehensive solutions for all types of projects.
With a variety of 130 000 catalog numbers, Legrand ensures that you will find, a solution that best fits your electrical system or communication network.
The company offers smart and modern solutions in the following areas:
1. Systems for public buildings - a unique system Mosaic, which offers full modularity and complexity of DLP adaptable cable channels with accompanying mechanisms, supporting frames and consoles for outdoor installation, floor boxes, ducts, columns and mini columns, special channels for fluids, junction and office modules, and specialized antibacterial series of medical facilities.
2. VDI structured cabling system and 19 "VDI cabinets, LCS patch panels and blocks for SCS, RG 45 outlets and Wi-Fi modules, LCS cables and patch cables
3. Emergency and evacuation lighting - addressable emergency lighting system

Products and systems for electrical and information networks

With its advanced solutions Legrand backs idea of a clean environment under the slogan ... Reducing environmental impact, you reduce your costs while you improve the comfort of life, so that 1 +1 +1 +...= less 7500 kWh per year energy savings of a 1000 kVA transformer Zuccini with reduced losses. Compared with oil transformers, transformers Zuccini are dry, allowing to reduce overall dimensions, the risk of fire and the spread of contamination in nature. These transformers are more environmentally friendly and do not need to be isolated in a special structure, which means low noise and compact size.

Residential automation My home Legrand-850 kWh annual savings
electricity for each apartment. Management scenarios allow management from one point of group functions such as lighting, heating, blinds, depending on the lifestyle of the consumer.
Lighting control with Mosaic - to 53% energy savings on lighting in commercial buildings. Control of lighting allows complete control of light intensity in one place or an entire zone by turning on or off or dimming. The control meets the needs of consumers and allows setting a different atmosphere at different times of day.

Residential Buildings

1. Building Automation - Comfort and control of lighting, blinds, heating and air conditioning control scenarios
2. Electrical systems components, system of switches and sockets-CELIANE, VALENA, CARIVA, GALEA LIFE, BTicino - AXOLUTE and MATIX; system console boxes Batibox, waterproof series Nepteo, Plexo, boxes and tubes
3. Intercom system, digital audio and video intercom systems for embedded and surface mounting, wireless audio and video intercom systems, bells

Industrial Buildings

1. Protective equipment and equipment cabinets, DMX, DPX, SPX power, vertical separators with cylindrical fuses, DPX-IS and Vistop, Switches, gauges electricity cabinets 4000 XL3, XL3 800, XL3 400, XL3 160 Atlantic, Altis, Marina, distribution terminals and bus systems
2. Control, signaling, switching - Osmoz, Viking 3-line terminals, Transcab cable collectors, Colring and Colson, Cab 3, Memocab, Logicab2 and Duplix labels, corrugated pipes and nozzles, industrial P17 plugs Tempra.
3. Modular equipment and switchboards-LR, DX-E, DX, DX-H, DX-D, DX-L, DX-IS modular equipment, surge arresters, cylindrical fuses, switching relays and modular contactors, relays, contactors, timers and Photo relays, dimmers, transformers and power supplies, distribution boards Nedbox, Ekinoxe, Praktibox, Plexo IP 65, combs and distribution terminals
Lighting, extension cords, power strips, plugs, waterproof wall-mounted lamps, lamps for bathrooms.
Dry transformers Zuccini, awash in epoxy resin designed for use in transformers MV / LV requiring minimal maintenance and unlimited possibilities for installation of voltage to 36kV and power of 5 kVA to 16,000 kVA.
Busway Zuccini - offered in a range from 25 A to 5000 A and are the ideal solution for flexible distribution of electricity, suitable for office buildings, and large industrial facilities.
Metal double floor Solutex type of galvanized plates, in accordance with standard EN 10326 with carrying capacity up to 3000 N/m2.

What we offer:

Besides cables and switching equipment that are essential elements of an electrical system, there are many other elements that are generally considered marginal, but in practice largely determine the reliability of an installation.
That is the cable connections and joining fittings.
The diversity of these products is greater depending on specific application requirements, but always the main criterioa for selection must be quality.
Even if using cables and wires with clearly high quality, linking them with non-compliant elements of international standards, we risk a lower system operating parameters.
The cable armature that we offer is fully consistent with the standards, meets the highest criteria, which ensures smooth operation.
1. Cable terminals and connectors for all sections of copper and aluminum cables;
2. Cable joints and low voltage heads - heat shrinkable / EUROMOLD; RAYCHEM /
3. Cable joints and heads MV - heat shrinkable / EUROMOLD, RAYCHEM /; Elastomeric / EUROMOLD /
4. BISHOP insulating tapes
5. Electrical installation materials - cable glands, installation and sealing tubings, cable ties, labels, etc.;.
6. Terminal bloks and accessories / KLEMSAN /;
7. Fittings for power lines - electric terminals - copper, aluminum and bimetal; crimping connectors pillar armature, repair and restoration spirals
Any good specialist in electrical industry is keen to work with quality and reliable instruments. We offer those who will serve reliably longer period of time:
1. Mechanical and hydraulic tools for cable stud and installation of connector cable armature - cable cutters, deburring tools for of isolation, crimping tools, marking devices, etc. / GPH, CHEMBRE, INTERCABLE, DYMO /.;
2. Electrical tools - isolated to 1000 V / GPH, INTERCABLE /
3. Measuring instruments for electrical values / BENNING /
4. Personal protective equipment - phase pointers, indicative, insulation, phased and operating rods, portable groundings, rods fpr mounting / DEHN & SOHNE /; grounding
5. Mechanical lifting and handling tools and equipment - hoists, ratchets, jacks / BRANO /.
Fasteners in all their range of standard sizes, covers, strength and other specific requirements.

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