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                         March 2012 - EU Pak Ltd completed the installation of aluminum railing in the Administrative Court building in Rousse.


January 2012 - ES Pack Ltd was chosen as a subcontractor of electrical LEGRAND France, a series of MOSAIC, the renovation of the Central Cooperative Bank - Rousse branch in the city center. MOSAIC series is designed for structured cabling of offices and is characterized by easy and flexible installation, compactness, functionality and excellent design.

October 2011
- Newly opened on 10.19.2011, the AG complex in Ruse was fully equipped with switches and contacts LEGRAND Series MATIX and CARIVA. A modern vision of MATIX investors bet on all operating equipment and birthing rooms.

September 2011 Dear colleagues and partners,
ISO 9001:2008Please be advised that as a natural extension of our wish to continually improve our business in order to meet the need of our customers and maintain loyalty to our suppliers, we already have fully implemented, successfully functioning and certified system of quality management in accordance with international standard ISO 9001:2008
We hope this is an additional guarantee to you of our professionalism and reliability.
We remain hopeful of still successful business contacts with you and good partnerships.

June 2011 - LEGRAND issued a new catalog for the cabling of public buildings, offices and workplaces "LEGRAND CABLING SYSTEM 2" (LCS 2). Developments are based on existing series LEGRAND. Characterized by easy and flexible installation and excellent design. Include switching panels together distribution of copper cables and optical fibers in the same panel, patch panels and patch blocks; RJ45 jacks and Wi-Fi wireless access points, zone distribution boxes, cabinets and accessories. The new LCS 2 RJ 45 connector is the most important moments in the LCS 2 system. Only a few seconds, you have a perfect connection, ensuring optimal performance. As a global specialist in electrical and building digital infrastructures, Legrand offers the widest range of RJ 45 sockets.

January 2011 ES Pack Ltd incorporated into its product palette a new series of aluminum railing systems Cristal Line. The new series is designed mainly for public buildings, commercial and recreational and administrative facilities, hotels, and also for private homes, requiring a high standard of performance and elegant looks.

In January 2011 the ES Pack Ltd. launched a procedure for development, implementation and certification of management systems according to international quality standard ISO 9001:2008. quality standard ISO 9001:2008. It was another step along the way, which the company has chosen - to be reliable and trustworthy supplier and partner for its customers.

December 2010 ES Pack Ltd was chosen as a subcontractor, in the elecrical part in the building of the first in Bulgaria brand site, of the world leader in bowling systems BRUNSWICK - USA. Bowling hall, which will be equipped and fully implemented in accordance with the requirements of the brand will be launched at the end of February 2011 in Megamall Rousse.

November 2010 ES Pack Ltd. was chosen as a subcontractor of the switches and sockets for the newly built Hotel VEGA at str. Alexandrovska in Rousse. The investors chose the stylish look of the series MOSAIC of the LEGRAND - France.

November 2010 ES Pack Ltd. was chosen as a subcontractor of switches and sockets for a part of Veliko Tarnovo Hills complex. The preferences of the investor were to the latest series of LEGRAND France - CELIANE.

November 2010 ES Pack Ltd was selected as executor of the aluminum railing systems for one of the newest and most elegant residential buildings in Rousse with investor and performer Xtreme LTD.

October 2010 ES Pack Ltd. was chosen as a subcontractor in the electrical part and for the supply and installation of aluminum railings systems of the new wing of the Paradise Complex - Rousse.

October 2010 At the market was presented the new series of switches and sockets of LEGRAND by brand BTICINO - MATIX. The series combines elegant and modern Italian design with excellent functionality in attractive price.

September 2010 ES Pack Ltd. was chosen as a subcontractor in part electrical - direction cable routing systems, switches and electrical panels for the construction of the new production base of MBM Metaluork Ltd., part of Meroni Group - Italy in the industrial park of Rousse.

August 2010 ES Pack Ltd. was chosen as a subcontractor of commutation apparatuses, switches and contacts of LEGRAND France for Moulin Rouge Hotel - newly built in the heart of Ruse.

June 2010 ES Pack Ltd. signed a contract for the supply and installation of aluminum railings from the series Aluminco for the construction of the biggest hotel complex in Calarasi - Romania.

July 2010 starts a promotion of products LEGRAND of series switches and sockets CARIVA, circuit breakers and residual current devices LR. Our customers will be able to purchase with an additional 10% discount the already liked by them and preferred products. We also hope to win new customers that will be convinced of the excellent quality andunctionality of the and devices.

May 2010 ES Pack Ltd. participated as an exhibitor at the International Fair in Bucharest Romania with the series of aluminum railings SYSTEMS. Our participation in this prestigious exhibition was justified by strong interest that our products caused.

May 2010 ES Pack Ltd. was chosen as a subcontractor of the switchgear foe the residential building at Panayot Khitov str. with investor INTIS Ltd.. We appreciate the confidence that was provided to the us and we believe that we have deserved it as a result of our cooperation in the construction of Danube Bridge Mall.

March 2010 the successful partnership of ES Pack Ltd. With the University of Rousse continues. After the delivery of cable trays for the new building of the university in 2009 once again we won the confidence of managerial staff, when we were selected for performers of the railings of the hull. And we appreciate the high professionalism of our partners from PGS-96 OOD Rousse - general contractor on the site.

April 2010 again we won the the confidence of our longtime client and partner - ORGACHIM Rousse. With our cable trays will be built all the new cable runs in the reconstruction and modernization of the enterprise.

February 2010 Together with ET EMI-M98, ES Pack Ltd. supplied and installed aluminum railings in the first stage of a renovated office building of BULMARKET DM OOD in the area of KTM.

January 2010 ES Pack Ltd. included into its product palette a new series of wired cable trays with trade name ESTRAY. The cable trays are manufactured on our specification from the largest manufacturer of cable trays in China. By entering this series, we can respond more complex to the requirements of our customers and partners, offering them very good quality at a very competitive price.

January 2010 ES Pack Ltd. participated in the construction of a contemporary and modern facility for practical education of the students in PGEE Apostol Arnaudov Ruse. With apparatus of the LEGRAND France was equipped the office for educational practice of the heavy current disciplines. We appreciate the enthusiasm of the Director Eng. Yuseinov, and Tsvetanka Popova - a teacher in educational practice

January 2010 ES Pack Ltd. became a distributor of Conection Group OOD - a leading company in the field of supply of products and systems for ensuring the passive fire protection. The offered products are manufactured by STI-USA, ABESCO-UK, Thekamet - Greece and are in accordance with Ordinance No Ih-1971, 29.10.2009, BDS EN 13366, DIN 4109, BS 476-20, UL and the appropriate opinions for eligibility from GDPBS-MVR.

January 2010 the so expected catalog of LEGRAND France, was published in Bulgarian. Our customers can now have complete and current information about our products.

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